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I am pleased to present the pussy-cat who will accompany the red owl.  I used some new design elements in this mosaic, including millefiori.  I hope you will agree that this cat has enough attitude to deal with a guitar-playing owl as a traveling companion.





This summer I read Wesley the Owl and I was impressed with how difficult it is for a human being to cohabit with an owl.  They eat lots and lots of mice, and only mice.  They mate for life and in the case of Wesley he mated with the author of this book, Stacy O’Brien.  This seems to bode well for my cat who is planning to start a relationship with an owl. They both eat mice.  They are roughly the same size and they are both willful creatures.

It is time to choose the best cat drawing so I can start on my second mosaic in my quest to illustrate the poem, The Owl and the Pussy-Cat. Please take a moment to take the poll and let me know which cat speaks to you.


Cat #3

About four months ago I made two mosaics inspired by owls in John James Audubon’s Birds of America, using ceramic tiles made by Cinca.  I embellished them with patterns and dots and color.   The palette is more subtle and subdued than what I usually use in my paintings, and I made one of the owls from the warmer colors and one from the cooler colors.  This is the red owl, inspired by the watercolor of the Great Gray Owl below.   So now there’s an owl. In my next post I’ll  share my sketches for the pussy-cat.